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Locksmith Services London 24/7 is a small, local mobile locksmith London relies on. We are located in the Northern London area. When you choose to work with Locksmith Services London 24/7, you choose to help the Northern London community thrive.

Our Story – Locksmith Services London 24/7

An idea was acted upon

Locksmith Services London 24/7 is a small family owned and operated business. They have worked for various companies and noticed an increase in demand for locksmiths in this area.

They also noticed that the locksmith industry is heavy with unscrupulous and untrustworthy locksmith companies. Many companies are not actual locksmiths but a dispatch center.

They send unlicensed technicians who are locked out of their homes to take advantage of unsuspecting victims. The goal of these shady uncertified locksmiths is to charge the victim as much money as possible while providing the minimum amount of service. After charging hundreds of dollars for a simple lockout service they are never seen again.

These unlicensed contractors can take hours to arrive on the job and are often trained to lie. Most say they’ll be there in 15 minutes only to show up an hour later.


Why The Company Was Founded

This led to the establishment of Locksmith Services London 24/7. The aim of the founders was to provide excellent 24-hour mobile locksmith services to local customers. They wanted to create a reliable and honest locksmith company. This way, people don’t have to get stuck and fall prey to scams.

Furthermore, Locksmith Services London employs local members of the community to work in the communities they serve. This means that all of our mobile locksmith technicians are members of the London community. With us, you will never find an unlicensed stranger from the Valley.

With technicians nearby we are able to provide fastest mobile service. The areas we serve include London as well as surrounding communities

Locksmith Services London was established in late 2018, starting with word of mouth. A simple post on the Next door website that serves members of the neighborhood. This post has attracted the attention of real estate agents, landlords, homeowners and other members of the community. It seems that many people find it difficult to find a reliable locksmith. People were impressed with the fast and easy mobile service and became repeat customers.

Where that took us

Soon after the Locksmith Services London 24/7 Yelp page was created. As a result few more customers became aware of us. A few months later Google approved the company as a licensed mobile service and our reviews started to grow.

At this time Locksmith Services London 24/7 provides only few services. This includes emergency lockout services for homes as well as rekeying and lock changing for residential services.

Due to the demand for automotive locksmithing in the area, Luis Bravo attended the California Institute of Locksmithing. A training institute in Agoura Hills, California. It was there that he learned about the cutting edge technology had to offer.

Where we are now

New advances in technology have also allowed for a fairly recent development, and that is the Universal Car Key Transponder Chip or Super Chip. Locksmiths no longer have to carry a variety of OEM keys. They can instead carry and put together a key using a DIY option with a universal chip.

In the old days locksmiths needed a van. It was meant to carry transponder keys for a variety of different machines, locksmith equipment and vehicles. Nowadays, the latest in locksmith technology allows keys to be cut into one machine and one type of universal key.

Locksmith Services London 24/7 using latest locksmith technology. Customers are often surprised by the variety of services our mobile technicians can demonstrate and provide while traveling in an eco-friendly Prius.

Our local locksmiths are available 24/7. Our skilled, licensed technicians are passionate about their work and ensure that every job is completed not only to customer standards, but also to Locksmith Services London 24/7 standards.

When you choose to work with LOCKSMITH SERVICES LONDON 24/7, you choose to help the North Los Angeles community thrive.

With Locksmith Services London 24/7, customers are giving back to the Los Angeles community.

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Our professional technicians work to provide customers with fast, efficient emergency locksmith services. We offer 24-hour emergency locksmith service seven days a week and guarantee a response time of 30 minutes or less. Locksmith Services London 24/7 technicians are trained and use state-of-the-art equipment to get the job done well and in less time.